Greetings Gardeners,

Our April 10th Meeting will have a different format. We will begin at 9:30 AM and allow one hour to entertain and mull over all your ideas for fundraising since we will not have a rummage sale this year. The major portion of our funds go to scholarships, donations to the Weaverville Nature Park, beautifying the downtown beds and other local projects.

We will car-pool and depart from the Town Hall at 11:00 AM going 20 minutes North on 19/23 to Mountain Meadows Dwarf Conifer Nursery where owner, Michael Balough, will conduct a tour of his amazing Dwarf Conifer selections.

Kathleen Kasben, Co-Secretary
Garden Club of Weaverville

About Mountain Meadows Nursery:
Mountain Meadows Nursery has been operating for 30 years here in WNC. They specialize in unusual evergreens & dwarf conifers such as Hinoki Cypress, Cryptomeria, Spruce, Junipers, Pines, and so on. Their selection is constantly improving and they are now starting to carry a nice variety of dwarf and miniature hostas and perennials.

Their plant collection has come from arboretums, private collectors, and other purveyors of unique plants. They propagate the plants at their nursery and grow them (normally 5-10 years) until the time they are sold.​

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