Weaverville Pollinator Initiative

Weaverville is very fortunate to have knowledgeable scientists and gardeners that are also environmental activists willing to organize information and events to help bring the change we know is needed in our area.

Clearwing moth on Dense Blazing Star
Clearwing moth on Dense Blazing Star

On the high priority list is to increase support for pollinators that are in decline through education and modeling.  You are invited to participate in this great initiative and to access project updates and resources below:


For more information from the Town of Weaverville on this project, anyone may sign up for the new e-newsletterhttp://www.weavervillenc.org/  in Quick Links on the right.

Remember to share this meeting post with your friends, neighbors and colleagues.This is a kind of pollination you can do right now !! 

Community Pollinator Initiative

Last month, we announced the launch of a program to encourage community residents to learn about how to provide for the needs of our native pollinating insects. We would like to announce the following events that are coming up in April at the Weaverville Library.

Weaverville Conservation Board
Weaverville Conservation Board

On April 9th at 2 PM, Ms. Amy Snyder will present a program titled “Pollinators & Their Biology.” Amy has a master’s degree in entomology and extensive experience in managing natural lands. She is currently Resources Management Coordinator for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. She plans to acquaint you with the wide array of pollinator species, why they are so important, and their adaptations for pollinating particular plant species. Amy co-chairs the Pollinator Initiative.

On April 23rd at 2 PM, Dr. Art Hulse will talk about “Landscaping for Pollinators.”Art is a retired university biologist and has extensive experience with native plants landscaping and control of invasive exotic plants. He will emphasize why native plants are best for pollinating insects and provide specific guidance on how to design a pollinator-friendly landscape. Art co-chairs the Pollinator Initiative and also manages the pollinator garden at Main Street Nature Park.

In addition, April preschool story hours and after school programs at the Library will feature pollinators. Details will be available in the April e-Focus or by contacting Jill Totman at the Library.

Main Street Nature Park Workdays

Spring is here! And with it Park workdays on the following Saturdays 10 AM-Noon: April 9, May 21, and June 11. Mark your calendars and meet at the parking area along Pine Street armed with gloves, water, and hand clippers.

For additional information about these events, contact wwhabitat@gmail.com.

 April is Pollinator Month!!

conservation boardHere is the complete lineup for events at the Weaverville Library in April 2016. The programs for children will include starting wildflower seeds to take home and age-appropriate stories a
nd discussions.

April 9th at 2 PM – Pollinators & Their Biology by Ms. Amy Snyder

April 12th at 11 AM – Family Story Time (Jill Totman)

April 22nd at 4 PM – After School Program: Wings of Life Disney Film (Jill Totman)

April 23rd at 2 PM – Landscaping for Pollinators by Dr. Art Hulse

April 27th at 4 PM – After School Program: Insects & Pollination (Becca Hale)

Main Street Nature Park Workday

Our first workday in the Park will coincide with the launch of our Pollinator Initiative. We will work from 10 AM-Noon on April 9th. Meet at the parking area along Pine Street armed with gloves, water, diggers, and hand clippers. Make a day of it and plan to have lunch at one of our great Weaverville restaurants!

For additional information about these events, contact the Library or the Conservation Board (wwhabitat@gmail.com)





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