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May Meeting – Rose Garden Tour

The Garden Club of Weaverville
May 2023 Meeting (for Club Members Only)

Tuesday, May 9th at 10:00am

Location: Buncombe County Extension Office                                  

Program: Rose Garden Tour

Judy Deutsch has been part of the Rose Garden since its inception in 2018.  With 64 rose bushes representing 20 different varieties, she’ll have plenty to show us and talk about. As the Rose Garden leader, she’s surrounded by the flowers she loves because their fragrance can fill a room, the diverse colors are never-ending and they have a long blooming season.  Judy will cover how to grow and care for these wonderful plants with a short power point inside the center followed by a tour of the rose garden. 
“The key to success is to plant roses in full sun and give them the right amount of water,” said Judy looking out across the Rose Garden.

A business meeting will follow the program.


The Garden Club of Weaverville is a co-ed, non-profit organization open to everyone. For more information on what we do, becoming a member or supporting the club visit our website.