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April Meeting – Mushrooms, Master Decomposers

The Garden Club of Weaverville
April 2023 Meeting 

Tuesday, April 11th at 10:00am

Location: Weaverville Community Center (covered terrace) 60 Lakeshore Drive

Program: Mushrooms – Master Decomposers
For the cook, landscaper, and gardener, we’ll dive into the superpowers of mushrooms, our primary decomposers. Mysterious to many, coveted by those who know, we’ll discuss ones we can grow at home, how to grow them, and where to place them to thrive in the integrated landscape.
CEO, author, artist, and earth dweller, our speaker Keri Evjy supports ecology by uplifting holistic land and life design solutions, being of service to the Whole, body, mind and soil. She is the founder of Healing Roots Design, LLC, a women-owned permaculture landscape design business, and Regenerative Life Design, LLC, which curates earth-centered dynamic and transformative programs, holistic curriculum and one-on-one coaching experiences. Keri is the author of the multimedia toolkit, Regenerative Life Design Playbook. She thrives in Asheville, NC.

A business meeting will follow the program.


The Garden Club of Weaverville is a co-ed, non-profit organization open to everyone. For more information on what we do, becoming a member or supporting the club visit our website.