July 12, 2016 Tuesday 9:30am – Annual Member Planning Meeting

All members interested in the review and development of program plans and other items up for discussion for next year are urged to attend this annual regrouping meeting – always a fun and collegial experience.  Check your email for location or contact any other member.

New members are always welcomed!  The world cannot have too many gardeners in community with each other.

If you would like find out about becoming a member, read the About Page.  If you want to join:

  • Fill out the Contact Us Page to tell us and your contact info.
  • Bring a check for $10 to The Garden Club of Weaverville (annual dues) to the first meeting you attend.
  • We will respond to you by email.

To keep up with new information posted on this website, go to the front/home page by clicking on our club name or banner image on any page. Scroll down to bottom left of the black column and fill in your email address. Each time a new post of information is added, you will get an email, (not each time a post is updated, though).