Pollinator Project Events – Weaverville June – July 2016

Join us for the June – July 2016 Events Sponsored by
Weaverville Conservation Board

Main Street Nature Park Workday

Our next two workdays in the Park will be on Saturday June 11th and Saturday July 9th from 10 AM-Noon. Meet at the parking area along Pine Street armed with gloves, water, diggers, and hand clippers. On the 11th, rakes for spreading mulch will also be useful. For additional information about Conservation Board activities, contact wwhabitat@gmail.com.

Wings of Life” Video Shown

On June 28th 6:30 PM at the Weaverville Library, Jill Totman will introduce the acclaimed Disney film Wings of Life“Wings of Life.” Narrated by Meryl Streep, the documentary highlights the importance of pollination to the world’s food supply. Like most nature documentaries, Wings of Life is visually spectacular. The cinematography captures in breathtaking detail the ways in which pollinators and their colorful host flowers interact. Even basic close-ups of Monarch butterflies or hungry hummingbirds are startlingly beautiful.