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Gardening With Native Shrubs & Perennials, Tuesday, November 13th at 9:30 am

We hope you will join
The Garden Club of Weaverville
for Our November Meeting
Program Topic: Gardening With Native Shrubs & Perennials

Tuesday, November 13th at 9:30 am

In the Weaverville Town Hall Community Room

Shelby Jackson, of Carolina Native Nursery in Burnsville, will present a program on Gardening with Native Shrubs and Perennials. Some native grasses will be included in the talk. Shelby will be sharing information regarding the environmental importance of gardening with native plants and what specific plants will do best in your mountain gardens.

Her presentation will open with some big picture facts about native plants and how they affect our environment, the birds, and our pollinators. She’ll talk about the evolution of native plants and how they make our world what it is today and how native plants are necessary to feed our native bird population and they also host a multitude of native insects and pollinators.

Native plants will be available for purchase (with cash or check).

Shelby is a University of Tennessee Horticulture alumnus. She has extensive knowledge of native plants, as they are one of her passions. In addition to managing sales operations at large nurseries and garden centers, her experience includes, horticultural research in the field and the laboratory, landscape design, and consulting. She is an N.C.N.L.A. Certified Plant Professional and has served on the Hendersonville Tree Commission, and the Horticulture Technology board at Blue Ridge Community College.

The Garden Club of Weaverville is a co-ed, non-profit organization open to everyone. For more information on what we do, becoming a member or supporting the club visit our website.

DATE CHANGE Meeting March 22, 2016 – Choosing and Growing Native Plants

We shifted the customary date to accommodate early voting. Welcome back Pat Sommers.  We all enjoyed her program last year and I am sure she will

Wild Columbine -Aquilegia canadensis
Wild Columbine -Aquilegia canadensis

impress again this spring.  Pat is opening her own native nursery this Spring, and it will keep the name “Natural Selections Nursery.”  She will now be located near Reems Creek Road, right in Weaverville.  She will be talking about her mission with this new and larger nursery, where she will finally be able to grow natives directly in the ground and start many more varieties from seed.

November 10:  Growing Natives in a Parking Lot?

Mary Hugenschmidt, a long time Master Gardener with a special interest in group-shared gardening, will bring us the list of native plants she has selected for our downtown parking bed renovation.  This workshop of sorts will permit us to work with her on planning a lovely four-seasons new bed, full of drought-tolerant and pollinator-friendly plants.