february 9, 2021 Meeting Announcement

We hope you will join
The Garden Club of Weaverville
for Our February Meeting

Program: The Life, Death and Rebirth of the American Chestnut

Tuesday, February 9 at 9:30 am

via Zoom
[Zoom meeting link will be sent to Club members prior to the meeting]

Just over 100 years ago about 400 billion American Chestnut Trees towered over our present day oaks and other  broad-leaved trees as the predominant hardwood.  As the premier Chestnut Tree in the world, they provided fast growing lumber that was light, straight-grained, and rot resistant.  The American Chestnut Tree was also a pivotal part of a native, healthy, diverse ecosystem ranging from Canada south to Mississippi and from the Ohio Valley to the eastern seaboard. Lisa Thomson, President & CEO, and Sara Fitzsimmons, Director of Restoration of The American Chestnut Foundation will explain the demise of the American Chestnut Tree, the science that could save the species, and their non-profit’s collaboration with outside partners to restore this grand tree to its native range.

Our Speakers:
In 2015, Lisa joined The American Chestnut Foundation as its President & CEO to build on its loyal constituency and help restore the magnificent American chestnut tree to its native range. Her expertise includes conservation land management and species restoration, family philanthropic advising and estate planning, and the building and mentoring of staff teams.

Sara Fern Fitzsimmons has worked with The American Chestnut Foundation at Penn State University since 2003, assisting chestnut growers and researchers throughout the Appalachian Mountains. Sara hopes her research and professional work will facilitate long-term conservation and restoration of native tree species at risk from exotic pests and diseases.

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