Biointensive gardening

February 14th – Tuesday 9:30 – Grow Biointensive – Climate Smart Gardening by Laura Lengnick

Do you have only a small space to garden, but you’d like to grow your own food?  Do you want to use climate resilient gardening practices?  Are you looking for a way to contribute to climate change solutions?  Grow Biointensive may be for you!

lengnick grow biointensive garden 1
Bed of kale in early June, bed of beets to left and sweet corn in bloom in background

Grow Biointensive is a small-scale system of gardening that places an emphasis building soil while producing healthy, high yielding crops through the use of deep soil preparation, composting and crop diversity.

Because Grow Biointensive practices can reduce water, fertilizer and fossil fuel use in the garden by 50 to 90 percent, this method of gardening offers significant advantages to gardeners who want help slow climate change as well as help their crops thrive in the more variable weather and extremes associated with climate change.  Over the last decade, presenter Laura Lengnick has been developing a Grow biointensive garden at her home in Swannanoa.  She will share her experiences developing this garden as she teaches about Grow Biointensive methods.

lengnick grow biointensive garden 2
Looking south across 15 garden beds in June

Main Topics:

  • How I started my Grow Biointensive garden and tips on how you can get started
  • 8 key practices of Grow Biointensive: deep soil prep, composting, intensive planting, carbon/calorie crops, companion planting, seed saving, whole system approach
lengnick grow biointensive garden 3
Laura’s husband, Weogo, and a neighbor working up a bed in Sept for winter crops

About Laura Lengnick:

Laura Lengnick is a soil health expert and climate resilience planner based in Asheville, NC.  She consults with business, government and community organizations on nature-based climate risk management through her company Cultivating Resilience, LLC.  She has long experience growing vegetables, small fruits and flowers in containers and backyard gardens from Pennsylvania to South Carolina. Since 2005, she has used Grow Biointensive practices to create 3000 square ft of productive garden beds at her Swannanoa home.

Weaverville Town Office/Hall – Community Room
30 South Main Street
Weaverville, NC 28787

Time: Please come a few minutes before the presentation starts which is at 9:30 a.m.

Cost: Free to the public. Just drop on in.

Inclement Weather alternative date: Tuesday February 21st  9:30 – to be announced on this website and member email.

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