Meeting April 12, 2016 9:30 am – Helping the Monarchs

Nina Veteto, of spoke on the subject of Monarch butterflies, their plight and fight for survival, as well as the rescue programs building up around the country.


Since this is a program she offers to schools in this area, it is also a benefit and she will bring some seeds for sale—so please remember to bring cash.

Our usual meeting time applies:  9:30AM at Town-hall, on Tuesday, April 12.
Janet Foor, co-president of our garden club was inspired to write this lovely poem.

Milkweed and Monarchs

The lovely monarch butterfly
Sheer beauty to behold
Migrating from the north to south
On wings of black and gold. 

The blossom of the milkweed plant.
Sustains their epic flight
Along the roads and countryside
It grows to their delight.

To some the milkweed should be banned
Just like the goldenrod
The monarchs think that just one sip’s
Like nectar from the gods.

Without the native milkweed plants
These monarchs won’t survive
But if their habitat is right
Our world will see them thrive.