Diggin’ Dirt Day – April 21, 2015 9:00 AM

Our spring beautification project for the Town of Weaverville will continue on Tuesday, April 21, at 9 AM.  All members and anyone else who is interested please meet at the downtown clock to see where help is needed for the several beds we maintain on Main Street.

Please bring your gardening tools, we’ll need several shovels to make removing the plants and bulbs go quickly, watering cans, hat, gloves and your water bottle.

Here’s what we’ll be doing:
  1. Weed and water
  2. Spread mulch
  3. Dig up plants & bulbs in the flowerbed by the clock (we are rebuilding it because it’s being overrun with Bermuda grass)
  4. Put cardboard on the flower bed then cover with plastic, securing with pins and mulch bed.
Please start saving your corrugated card board and bring with you.
Sylvia had the great idea to place several of her own decorative cement pots in the empty bed to brighten it up.  She suggested planting sedum which she has in abundance in her own garden and sedum doesn’t require frequent watering.
If you want to take home any plants that we remove please bring bags.
Hope to see you all at our Diggin’ Dirt Day,  a really fun time to garden in community.  Please mark your calendar for  April 21st at 9am.
 Colleen and Pat, Beautification team leaders